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Reborn Baby "Trixi" by Severine Piret Mercier


22.5 inches

6+ pounds



Detailed description!

Presented as a "boy" but can change gender to "girl" if desired!

💵PRICE: $1695.00

(Short layaway available up to 8 weeks if necessary, must contact me for more info)

📦Shipping costs:


USA = 19.99

Canada = $89.00

Overseas = 129.00



Adorable Reborn Prototype Baby "Trixi" is the newest sculpt by talented artist, Severine Piret and is now available to adopt here in my nursery!  Gender changes on request!!


Trixi is considered healthy, big baby size 22.5 inches in length with legs bent at the knee.  He fits well into all types of 3 month size clothing as an average.



Reborn “Trixi” Prototype.jpg

Genesis Heatset paints were used to create an "newborn" look to the baby's skintone with newborn mottling.  This baby does have veining and blushing in all the right areas. I do use a matte varnish to seal the paint and cut down on the shine. He has FULL vinyl arms and FULL vinyl legs attached to a NON-disc jointed cloth body.  Head is  weighted to simulate a newborn with very little neck control. 

Keep in mind that his coloring will change in differing lighting conditions...his photos were all made in natural light.  Artificial indoor lighting will make him look a bit different in color verses natural daylight...this is the nature of these translucent paints I use and not a flaw.

Trixi weighs about 6+ pounds and fits in most 3 month size clothing and some 3-6 month clothing.  Shoe size is 2






The baby's hair is micro-rooted very fine straight Premium mohair from Delta Dawn and is a mix of mostly medium blonde with light-blonde highlights. The scalp is painted gently with Genesis paints for a combination look that gives depth realism to the head of hair.  Gentle combing is needed occasionally after handling to keep nice and tangle free.



The baby's nails have been glossed and manicured.

He has shaded nostrils for depth and shaded ears.


Eyes ARE open so they have blown glass eyes inserted in a light blue color and micro-rooted lashes on upper lids.

Brows are painted fine and wispy strokes and do not overpower the baby's face.



I have dressed this baby as a boy but a simple clothing change can be done to accommodate a gender change to girl!

Pebbles Prototype will come home with name brand outfits/accessories seen in these photos plus a magnetic Pacifier

and lovey to hug on while traveling.  Some name brands are H&M, Carters and more!



I will include a Birth Certificate from my nursery and COA that will add to the value and authenticate this sculpt as sanctioned by the sculpting artist and the reborn artist (me) who brought him/her to life.




Other photo props like blankets, stuffed animals, wooden items, etc are not included.






                                                   💵Payment and 🛒CHECK OUT INSTRUCTIONS

Some of my babies are now on

SEE my nursery on this site here



I hope you enjoyed viewing this sweet baby ... If you have any questions or want to adopt TRIXI  please message me on the form below or contract me on FACEBOOK messenger for more info.


🛒 I accept CREDIT/Debit CARDS 💳 through Paypal invoice!    I will also accept checks and money orders mailed to me if you prefer.  You must message me through Facebook or email me at for check-out instructions.


Layaway of up to 8 weeks can be considered if you can't afford his price all at once. 1/4 downpayment of the total adoption fee is needed immediately to hold the baby as yours, however.


All inquiries and to ask about check-out instructions here



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